Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life membership recognises persons who have rendered significant service to the cause of animal production. The nominee is an individual nominated by the Management Committee and elected by an Annual General Meeting or General Meeting.

Honorary Life Members


YearLife member
2019Tom Barry
2018I.M. Brookes
2017J.C. McEwan
2014A.R. Sykes
2013G.B. Nicoll*
2010R.M.W. Sumner
2009N.D. Grace
2009A.M. Nicol
2008C.W. Holmes*
2008P. Shannon
2004K.L. Macmillian
2004J.F. Smith
2003K.R. Drew
2003D.G. Elvidge
2003P.F. Fennessy
2002J.N. Clarke
2002M.J. Ulyatt
2001M.M. Hanna*
1998D.C. Lane*
1998K.E. Jury
1997A.H. Kirton*
1995A.M. Bryant
1994M.F. McDonald
1993G.A. Wickham
1991E.D. Fielden
1990L.G. Mackay
1990J.B. Hutton
1988G.C. Everitt*
1988A.G. Campbell*
1985J.W. Stichbury*
1984A.L. Rae*
1982R.A. Barton*
1981V.R. Clark
1981I.L. Campbell*
1980W. G. Whittlestone*
1979D.G. Edgar*
1978I.E. Coop*
1977L.R. Wallace*
1976R. Vine*
1976L.K Whitten
1975E.D. Andrews*
1973J.P. James*
1972F.R. Callaghan*
1971O.M. Castle*
1969I.J. Cunningham*
1968C.S.M. Hopkirk*
1965R.A. Candy*
1965W.M. Hamilton*
1965C.P. McMeekan*
1965A.H. Ward*
1965G.S. Peren*
1961J F Filmer*
1961E.B. Levy*
1958F.W. Dry*
1951C.M. Hume*
1949B.C. Aston*
1947A.H Cockayne*
1942J.M. Ranstead*