To recognise the conference paper which, in the opinion of the judges, represents the greatest advance in science and/or technology. The NZSAP Innovation Award was introduced at the 1998 annual conference in Palmerston North and aims to acknowledge the best paper presented each year at the annual conference. It is judged on what is considered to be the greatest advance in knowledge in any aspect of animal production relative to the current knowledge base in that field. The award has the value of $250 plus a certificate, and all papers appearing in the annual proceedings are considered.

Year Authors Paper
2012 S. Mros, M.A. Ali, A. Ghosh, A. El-Din Bekhit and M. McConnel
BRIEF COMMUNICATION: In vitro evaluation of the antimicrobial effects of chitosan against bacteria involved in ovine footrot
2009 J. Laporte-Uribe and S.J. Gibbs
BRIEF COMMUNICATION: Real time in situ measurement of rumen methane concentration in the rumen of cattle
2008 J.A. Sise, B. Auvray, K.G. Dodds and P.R. Amer
SNiP and cut: Quantifying the potential benefits of genomic selection tools for genetic fault elimination in sheep
2007 J.E. McGowan, C.R. Burke and J.E. Jago
Validation of a technology for objectively measuring behaviour in dairy cows and its application for oestrous detection
2006 A. Chand and C.J. Fee
Protein fractionation prototype to extract minor proteins on farm
2004 J. Jago, K. Bright, P. Copeman, K. Davis, A. Jackson, I. Ohnstad, R. Wielicko and M. Woolford.
Remote automatic selection of cows for milking in a pasture-based automatic milking system
2003 A. Miekle and P. Amer 2003 What is a better ram worth?
2002 D.R. Scobie and D. O’Connell
Genetic reduction of tail length in New Zealand sheep
2001 J F Smith, P A Pugh, H R Tervit, R D Roberts, A R Janke, H F Kaspar and S L Adams. Cryopreservation of shellfish sperm, eggs and embryos.
2000 C J Morrow, E S Kolver, G A Verkerk, L R Matthews.
Urinary corticosteriods: and indicator of stress in dairy cattle.
1999 R D Clarke, A H Kirton, C M Bartle, P M Dobbie. Application of dual-energy x-ray ansorptiometry for ovine carcass evaluation.
1998 T T Wheeler, B J Haigh, R J Wilkins, J Y McCracken, C A Morris.
A candidate gene marker for bloat susceptibility in cattle?