Updated NZSAP Guidelines

The Society Guidelines have been updated by the President and Past President to reflect changes to the awards offered by the society and to include gender neutral pronouns. There will be a motion at the AGM proposing adoption of the updated guidelines. The document here details the changes made to the guidelines.

2016 International Rangeland Congress - Canada

The 10th International Rangeland Congress will be held in Saskatoon, Canada in 2016. It will be of interest to people involved with grasslands in New Zealand. This is the first time the IRC has been held in North America in 20 years, and is an excellent opportunity to interact with rangeland and wild land managers and researchers from around the world. We are very interested in livestock producers, land managers, researchers, industry and extension agents and individuals involved in wild lands and grassland management and restoration participating in our congress.

Changes to Copyright of conference papers

The NZSAP Management Committee has replaced the Copyright Release Form with a Manuscript Submission Form (the new form is available on the conference page). The key change made is that as of the 2015 conference, the author(s) of papers published in NZSAP proceedings retain copyright of the material and are able to publish that material elsewhere.
The manuscript submission form requires the signature of only one author, but the Committee remind authors that ALL authors of a paper must view the manuscript and approve its submission to NZSAP.

Change to NZSAP membership

In accordance with the motion passed at the 2013 AGM, the requirement for approval from two existing NZSAP members has been removed from the online joining process. The committee retains the right to terminate the membership of any member of the Society whose actions bring discredit upon or hinder the effective operation of the Society.

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