Lambs that had been reared at pasture till 6 months of age were transferred to barley-based diets fed in outdoor yards. Consumption of barley grain was measured daily during the first 4 weeks that it was fed. Highest consumption was achieved when grain was processed and introduced to lambs at pasture before they were transferred to the feedlot. Lambs that received these treatments consumed nearly 800 g/hd/d of barley (air dry weight) within 2 weeks and nearly 1200 g/hd/d within 4 weeks of its introduction. They gained live weight at over 150 g/hd/d during the first 7 weeks of barley feeding with minimal health problems.

KG, Geenty, and CB Dyson

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 46, , 265-270, 1986
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