Sir Arthur Ward Award

The Sir Arthur Ward Award recognises the successful application of research or experience to an aspect of animal production in New Zealand. The nominee may be an individual, a company or an organisation, and need not be a member of the Society. Nominations, signed by two current financial members of the Society, must document how the nominee has contributed towards the adoption of a practise (or practises) that has facilitated more efficient animal production. The phrase 'adoption of a practise' is interpreted widely in order to accommodate contributions through extension, product development etc. Nominations remain active for consideration for three years. Nominations must be submitted to the Executive Secretary by the end of September each year.

Sir Arthur Ward made a tremendous contribution to New Zealand animal production. Arriving in NZ in 1926 as a farmworker, by 1930 he was secretary of the largest herd testing association in NZ, by 1936 he headed technical development of Herd Improvement and was Director of Herd Improvement in 1945. In 1954 he was appointed as General Manager of the New Zealand Dairy Board and held that role until 1970. He was a member of many other organisations including Chancellor of Massey University and contributed in many other spheres. Sir Arthur played a very prominent role in the foundation and development of this society. He was a member of the national organising committee of the first conference, the first secretary, subsequently became a honourary life member in 1965, and was instrumental in sponsoring this award.

Award Regulations

Recent Sir Arthur Ward Awards

Year Name / Oration
2019 Tom Fraser
2018 LIC
2017 Sheryl-Anne Newman
2016 JM Everett-Hincks
2015 GJ Greer
2014 DJ Moot
2011 Paul R. Kenyon
2009 Gerard Hall
2008 Stephen T. Morris
2007 D.R. Stevens
2006 Robin Campbell
2004 John W Penno
2003 Anthony J Pearse
2002 Paul D Muir
2000 A J (Jock) Allison
1999 D Clive Dalton
1998 Landcorp Farming Ltd
1997 Colin W Holmes
1996 New Zealand Dairy Exporter
1995 New Zealand Meat and Wool Board's Economic Service
1994 James A H Guild
1993 Brian Curson
1991 Peter M Packard
1990 Thomas D McKenzie
1989 Gallagher Electronics Ltd
1988 R David Wallace
1986 Max W Cooper
1985 Tim Wallis
1984 Des G Clayton
1983 A (Tony) G H Parker
1982 W (Bill) D Short & Malcolm E Smith
1981 NZ Dairy Board Consulting Officers