The 2019 New Zealand Society of Animal Conference will be held in Palmerston North, Manawatu from 2-4 July 2019. There will be a farmer day with both a sheep & beef stream and a dairy stream, and a field trip to visit various research sites around Palmerston North on Wednesday 3rd July.

The Manawatu area hosts a large number of sheep and cattle in New Zealand and is home to a large number of agricultural scientists at both Massey University and AgResearch Grasslands. The conference will include a farmer-day which will have a focus on presenting research and science concepts to both sheep and beef and dairy farmers with a practical approach. We hope this will be a great opportunity to bring together farmers and scientists and enable great discussion.

It will be a conference not to miss.


Abstracts for the 2019 conference will take two forms: traditional scientific papers to be published in the peer-reviewed New Zealand Journal of Animal Science and Production, or contract presentations which may consist of a presentation supported by a presentation summary published in the supplementary material. Please indicate on the abstract submission form, whether your submission is intended for the farmer day, and if so, whether you would prefer to produce a full paper for peer review, or a non-peer-reviewed presentation summary.

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