DNA verification of the origin of meat within traceability systems involves the comparison of DNA samples taken at a reference stage with samples taken further down the supply chain. While such verification is well established when whole cuts of meat are involved, this is not the case for mixed-meat products made from an unknown number of contributing animals. Spreadsheet based software has been developed to analyse one DNA verification scheme for determining whether a returned product did indeed originate from a particular manufacturing batch. The scheme involves the comparison of k individual DNA samples (comprising an unknown number of individuals) from the product, with a set of s DNA samples (comprising an unknown number of individuals) taken randomly before manufacture of the batch in question. The software gives the error rate for correctly matching the product to the batch, for different sampling rate combinations of the product and at the factory. Key words: DNA verification; mixed meat; traceability; sampling.

I, Vetharaniam, and GH Shackell

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 65, Christchurch, 102-106, 2005
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