Occasional Publication No. 15 (2009)
Neville Grace, Scott Knowles & Andrew Sykes

Table of contents

Since the 1983 edition of this volume, there have been considerable advances in the diagnosis and prevention of mineral deficiencies, and it is timely to update, revise and expand the subject.

This is a comprehensive scholarly reference based largely on New Zealand research. Twenty two chapters describe the macro- and trace elements most important to the health and production of ruminants. Data from many field trials and laboratory studies are summarised in a clear and concise format. That information underpins recommendations about the diagnostic and supplementation strategies best suited to identify, treat and prevent mineral deficiencies.

Readership includes all those responsible for the management, feeding and care of grazing livestock. Students of agriculture will benefit from the broad range of facts and reliable insights, while veterinarians and consultants will be able to provide sound advice to their clients, and counter misleading or unsubstantiated claims concerning mineral metabolism and supplements. Farmers will learn that, among well-cared for animals, mineral nutrition need not be a limiting factor in production and profits.


  • Separate chapters discuss 7 macro- and 11 trace elements, with special attention paid to cobalt, copper, iodine and selenium, elements that have a profound impact on the performance of livestock in New Zealand.
  • Comprehensive tables summarise the dietary mineral requirements for livestock, with accompanying text describing how these values were determined.
  • Protocols describe how to diagnose mineral deficiencies, including preferred clinical criteria and tissue reference ranges.
  • Objective evaluations to compare the efficacy of mineral supplement systems, describe the resulting animal responses, and place inputs in the context of likely production gains.
Managing Mineral Deficiencies in Grazing Livestock 50.00 NZD