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Occasional publications provide a summary on a given topic of animal production. The timing of these is generally on an industry-need basis. This often coincides with new advances in a field or lack of available material on an emerging topic. Often they contain a large amount of material from papers presented at previous conferences. The purpose of these books is as a practical reference for advisors, scientists, students and farmers who intend to immediately use the information provided i.e. succinctly worded and practical. These publications are often also used as teaching and reference material in undergraduate agricultural degree courses in New Zealand and overseas.

Animal welfare in New Zealand

Occasional Publication No. 16 (2013)
Kevin J Stafford

This book examines animal welfare in New Zealand. Human concern for animal welfare is as old as our dependence on domesticated animals. More recently, concern for farm animal welfare has become fundamental to successful livestock farming. Public interest in farm animal welfare stems from a number of perspectives, including sympathy towards animals, which impacts politics. Hence animal welfare legislation is developed in response to a number of issues. This book discusses national legislation, local non-governmental organisations and social commentary on welfare issues of farmed and companion species. It concentrates on the animal welfare research produced nationally over the last 5 decades. Many chapters focus on the welfare of specific species or groups of animals. ...

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Managing Mineral Deficiencies in Grazing Livestock

Occasional Publication No. 15 (2009)
Neville Grace, Scott Knowles & Andrew Sykes

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Since the 1983 edition of this volume, there have been considerable advances in the diagnosis and prevention of mineral deficiencies, and it is timely to update, revise and expand the subject.

This is a comprehensive scholarly reference based largely on New Zealand research. Twenty two chapters describe the macro- and trace elements most important to the health and production of ruminants. Data from many field trials and laboratory studies are summarised in a clear and concise format. That information underpins recommendations about the diagnostic and supplementation strategies best suited to identify, treat and prevent mineral deficiencies.


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Pasture and Supplements for Grazing Animals

Occasional Publication No. 14 (2017)

edited by PV Rattray, IM Brooks & AM Nicol

An up-to-date review of the pasture and supplementary feed resources available to the New Zealand pastoral livestock industry, and the energy and protein requirements of these livestock. The interactions between animals and their feed resources ultimately determine both the quantity and quality of the feed consumed and thus the level of animal production. An understanding of this area is key to the successful allocation of feed resources. Although the principles discussed in the early chapters are common to all grazing animals, certain aspects of their application are species or system specific, and chapters address these issues. The environmental impact of grazing pastures and supplementing grazing animals is also addressed.

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Labcoats to Gumboots


Occasional Publication No. 13 (1994)
edited by G Davis

This delightful publication gives a behind the scenes insight into major advances that have occurred in animal production in New Zealand. A sort of "smoko room" view of the world if you like. The book is divided into 11 chapters each on a specific topic. David Henshaw cartoon's are liberally sprinkled through the book and many well known names feature in the text.

A must for Christmas for anybody that is associated with animal research or extension. Overseas scientists visiting New Zealand will obtain more inside information from this book in an evenings reading than they could if they spent a year visiting!!


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Reproductive Management of Grazing Ruminants in New Zealand


Occasional Publication No. 12 (1998)
edited by ED Fielden and JF Smith

This 220 page publication contains information on all aspects of reproductive management. Substantial knowledge from New Zealand based research has been drawn together into 13 chapters. Topics include hormonal control; comparative performance; seasonality; monitoring performance as a management tool; and future developments. Species covered in this book range from dairy cattle to sheep, beef cattle to goats and deer to camelids. Reproductive Management of Grazing Ruminants in New Zealand is aimed at all those with an interest in the efficient reproductive management of domestic ruminants.

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Meat Production and Processing

Occasional Publication No. 11 (1989)
edited by RW Purchas, BW Butler-Hogg, AS Davies

A 229 page soft covered book in A4 format. Its 16 chapters are organised into 4 sections covering: the nutritive value of meat and meat marketing, animal growth and carcass changes, factors affecting the quantity and quality of meat produced and factors affecting the conversion of the live animal into the final meat product.

A must for anybody in or associated with the meat industry. It contains an excellent overall index with many references at the end of each of its clearly written chapters.

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