Occasional Publication No. 14 (2017)

edited by PV Rattray, IM Brooks & AM Nicol

An up-to-date review of the pasture and supplementary feed resources available to the New Zealand pastoral livestock industry, and the energy and protein requirements of these livestock. The interactions between animals and their feed resources ultimately determine both the quantity and quality of the feed consumed and thus the level of animal production. An understanding of this area is key to the successful allocation of feed resources. Although the principles discussed in the early chapters are common to all grazing animals, certain aspects of their application are species or system specific, and chapters address these issues. The environmental impact of grazing pastures and supplementing grazing animals is also addressed.

Table of contents

Ch   1. Pasture and Supplement Resources
I. Valentine and P.D. Kemp

Ch   2. Growth of Pastures and Supplementary Crops
D.J. Moot, C. Matthew and P.D. Kemp

Ch   3. Husbandry and Role of Pastures and Forage Crops in Grazing Systems
D.J. Moot, C. Matthew, P.D. Kemp and W.R. Scott

Ch   4. Principles of Feeding Value
G.C. Waghorn, J.L. Burke and E.S. Kolver

Ch   5. Control of Grazing Intake
G.P. Cosgrove and G.R. Edwards

Ch   6. Factors Affecting Quality of Pastures and Supplements Produced on Farms
A.J. Litherland and M.G. Lambert

Ch   7. Types of Supplements: Their Nutritive Value and Use
J. M. de Ruiter, D.E. Dalley, T.P. Hughes, T.J. Fraser and R.J. Dewhurst

Ch   8. Supplementation of Dairy Cows, Beef Cattle and Sheep Grazing Pasture
D.A. Clark and S.L. Woodward

Ch   9. Nutritional Disorders Caused by Consumption of Pasture and Fodder Crops
W.W. Nichol

Ch 10. The Metabolisable Energy Requirements of Grazing Livestock
A.M. Nicol and I.M. Brookes

Ch 11. The Protein Requirements of Grazing Livestock
I.M. Brookes and A.M. Nicol

Ch 12. Principles of Feed Planning and Management
R.W. Webby and A.C. Bywater

Ch 13. Pastures and Supplements in Dairy Production Systems
C.W. Holmes and J.R. Roche

Ch 14. Pastures and Supplements in Beef Production Systems
S.T. Morris

Ch 15. Pastures and Supplements in Sheep Production Systems
P.R. Kenyon and R.W. Webby

Ch 16. Pastures and Supplements in Deer Production Systems
S.O. Hoskin and W.M Griffiths

Ch 17. Impact of Pasture and Supplement Feeding on the Environment
K.C. Cameron, M. Hedley, H. Clark and H.J. Di

Pasture and Supplements for Grazing Animals 50.00 NZD