The McMeekan Memorial Award recognises an outstanding recent individual or joint contribution to animal production in New Zealand or the Society. The term ‘recent’ means within the last five years. Nominations must be submitted to the Executive Secretary by the end of September each year.

The McMeekan Memorial Award is in honour of a NZSAP foundation member, past president and distinguished leader in animal production research and administration, in New Zealand and throughout the world. "Mac" had a tremendous influence on New Zealand agricultural research and was instrumental in the development of Ruakura as a world renowned agricultural research centre.

Oration for Dr C P McMeekan

Recent McMeekan Recipients

Year Name / Oration
2021 Sue McCoard
2019 Harry Clarke
2018 NM Lopez-Villalobos
2017 SR Davis
2016 Roger W Purchas
2015 Velmurugu (Ravi) Ravindran
2013 Neville Jopson
2011 Christopher A. Morris
2010 David M. Leathwick
2008 Bevin L. Harris
2007 Ken G. Dodds
2006 Murray Woolford
2005 Tom N Barry
2004 Colin W Holmes
2003 John C McEwan
2002 David N Wells
2001 Tom E Broad
2001 Allan M Crawford
2000 Geoff W Asher
1999 Geoff B Nicoll
1998 Brian W Wickham
1997 Neville D Grace
1995 John F Smith
1994 George H Davis
1992 Ken P McNatty
1991 Andrew R Sykes
1990 Peter F Fennessy
1988 Ken E Jury
1986 J Neil Clarke
1984 Arnold M Bryant
1983 K L (Jock) Macmillan
1981 Ken R Drew
1980 Graeme K Hight
1979 A Eric Gibson
1978 Peter H Elworthy
1977 A (Al) L Rae
1976 John B Hutton
1975 Pat Shannon