These awards are made each year to senior students at Massey and Lincoln Universities for academic acheivement in animal production.

The awards will be to students nominated by the appropriate Heads of Department at each university and will have the value of $250 plus a certificate. Nominations will normally be made to the Society in December of each year.

Recent Recipients

2021 Massey: Bella Latimer 
2021 Lincoln: Abbey Dowd

2020 Massey: Jaida Joy 
2020 Lincoln: Emma Trolove

2019 Massey: Lucy Vanwaayen 
2019 Lincoln: Paige Harris

2018 Massey: Lily Hare 
2018 Lincoln: Andrew Milsom 

2017  Massey: Tracy Ferguson
2017  Lincoln: Jack Scahill 

2016 Massey: Carol A Hewitt  
2016 Lincoln:Anna N Arends   

2015 Massey: Holly M Phillips  
2015 Lincoln: Richard C Barry   

2014 Massey: Kate A Edwards  
2014 Lincoln: Rachael F Wilson   

2013 Massey: Farran A McLean  
2013 Lincoln: Lisa M Lewis   

2012 Massey: Max Turnbull
2012 Lincoln: Hannah MacIntyre

2011 Massey: Casey M Inverarity
2011 Lincoln: Mark J Collins

2010 Massey: Kerry L Sullivan
2010 Lincoln: Matthew R Smith

2009 Massey: Sophie E Stanley
2009 Lincoln: Alice RC Allsop

2008 Massey: Lisa C Davenport
2008 Lincoln: Nicola J Kelland

2007 Massey: Jane M Mayo
2007 Lincoln: Bradley S Lewis & Edward N Tripp

2006 Massey: Michelle S Doole
2006 Lincoln: Georgina E Mackie

2005 Massey: Kim I Munford
2005 Lincoln: Karen E. Turnbull & Sam J. Williams

2004 Massey: Rebecca E Hickson
2004 Lincoln: Brendon D Richards

2003 Massey: Gavin O Neumann
2003 Lincoln: Heyden R Peter

2002 Massey: Graham J W Thompson
2002 Lincoln: Jessica M Smith

2001 Massey:Teresa S Soppet
2001 Lincoln: Mark D Stevenson

2000 Massey: Nicola M Schreurs
2000 Lincoln: L Ann Steidl

1999 Massey: Lorna R McNaughton
1999 Lincoln: Not awarded

1998 Massey: Claire V Cooper
1998 Lincoln: Nancy-Jane Urquhart

1997 Massey: Judith A McDonald & Matthew F Ross
1997 Lincoln: Campbell J Sanders

1996 Massey: Not awarded
1996 Lincoln: Not awarded

1995 Massey: Clare S Quinn
1995 Lincoln: Thomas J S Cameron

1994 Massey: Not awarded
1994 Lincoln: Not awarded

1993 Massey: Joanne M Mathis
1993 Lincoln: Not awarded

1992 Massey: Richard G Sherlock

1991 Lincoln: Joanne Nabe