Changes in rumen digesta and electrolyte composition were investigated in 4 high (HS) and 4 low (LS) bloat susceptible cows for 7.5 h following intraruminal loading with 10 litres water containing 0 (L), 1.76 (C), 3.52 (H) or 7.04 (HH) moles Na. Pre-treatment Na concentrations averaged 130 mmol/litre for both susceptibility groups, with increases averaging -20, 10,42 and 95 mmol/litre after addition of L, C, H and HH respectively. Susceptibility groups did not differ in rate of return of Na concentration toward pre-treatment values. Increasing Na loading decreased fluid loss from the rumen but LS cows consistently lost more fluid than HS cows, with no treatment- susceptibility interaction.

SR, Davis, GA Hughson, AM Bryant, and DDS MacKenzie

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 45, , 21-26, 1985
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