There are a total of some 710 000 winterfed sheep in Iceland, all of which are of the native Iceland breed. The organisation of the breeding work is in the hands of the Agricultural Society of Iceland. Sheep recording schemes have a long-standing tradition in Iceland. There are 140 local associations recording about 200 000 ewes. The most important traits in Icelandic sheep breeding are fecundity of ewes and weaning weight of lambs, but conformation and wool quantity are also considered. Level of productivity is high. The use of AI is of great importance in the sheep breeding work. Nearly all the selection of lambs for replacement is within flocks and selection work must be undertaken during a few weeks in the autumn when the sheep are taken from mountain grazing.

RL, Baker, JN Clarke, TG Harvey, and HH Meyer

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 46, , 93-100, 1986
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