Low growth rates in autumn have been described in cattle and sheep in New Zealand and overseas. Comparison of responses in liveweight gain to herbage allowance has shown that animals grazing in autumn grow much more slowly at all allowances than those grazing in spring. When autumn- and spring-born lambs were grazed together, responses in liveweight gain to varying herbage allowance did not depend on their age and/or live weight. There were large differences between the responses of animals grazing in autumn and those grazing in spring. In autumn, animals grazing pasture previously sprayed with high rates of fungicide at high allowances gained weight 28% faster than those grazing unsprayed pasture - 107.2 v 83.7 g/d. In spring, the use of fungicide on pasture had no significant effect on liveweight gains of lambs.

RMW, Sumner, and DG McCall

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 49, , 209-214, 1989
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