Limpograss is a perennial subtropical grass which has the potential to produce a bulk of standing feed (34 t DM/ha/yr) for consumption by cattle during summer. To assess the value of limpograss for lactating dairy cows, two experiments were conducted comparing limpograss and mixed temperate pasture diets. In both experiments a four day adjustment period was allowed before milksolids yield was assessed on three of the following ten days. Forage samples were taken for nutritional value assessment. During March 1994, two groups of six Friesian cows on once a day milking late in lactation were pen fed diets of freshly harvested limpograss (Hemarthria altissima) or temperate pasture at equal intakes of 13.1

PW, Woods, JN Couchman, and DA Clark

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 56, , 245-250, 1996
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