The molecular mechanisms and pathways involved in involution of the udder and which coordinate and regulate the processes of cell death and proliferation after weaning/cessation of milking in ruminants, are poorly understood. The aim of this study was to use cDNA microarray analysis to identify genes and pathways involved in involution of the bovine mammary gland. Ultimately, because this process underpins lactation traits such as persistency and mammary responses to milking frequency (Stelwagen, 2001; Vetharaniam et al., 2003), this information may allow the development of novel strategies for improving milk production especially in the later stages of lactation. Involution of the bovine mammary gland was induced by abrupt termination of milking in 48 non-pregnant Friesian dairy cows at mid-lactation (average days in milk, 92 ± 3) …

K, Singh, AJ Molenaar, K Stelwagen, VC Farr, L Good, K Swanson, K Oden, T Wheeler, C McMahon, H Henderson, et al.

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 64, Hamilton, 8-10, 2004
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