Adverse weather conditions that reduce pasture growth and/or quality can place the lactating dairy cow under periods of transitory nutritional stress. Previous research that has focused on the effects of feed restrictions in a pasture-based dairy system have imposed feed deficits either pre-calving (Roche, 2007), immediately post-calving for five to six weeks (Bryant & Trigg, 1979; Roche, 2007) or up to a 23% restriction in dry matter intake (DMI) (Bryant & Trigg, 1979). All experiments reported an immediate reduction in milk production; however, the longer-term effects varied depending on... Continued

JK, Kay, CVC Phyn, YJ Williams, JR Roche, CR Burke, and S Meier

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 69, Christchurch, 24-26, 2009
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