The minimal drenching recommendations for lambs of the N.Z. Society of Animal Production Study Group (2 or 3 drenches) were compared with 5 and 12 fortnightly drench regimens on safe (low larval count) and contaminated (high larval count) pastures. Lambs grazing safe pastures had lower (P<0.05) gastrointestinal worm burdens than lambs grazing contaminated pastures, and increased drenching frequency significantly reduced (P<0.01) the average faecal egg count. The minimal drenching regimen did not adequately control parasitism in lambs. Increasing the number of drenches improved parasite control and increased wool and live-weight production.

H, Hawker, SF Crosbie, and KF Thompson

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 42, , 183-186, 1982
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