The purpose of the award is to encourage excellence in research planning and execution and communication of results by young members to the Society's annual conference. The applicants must submit an abstract which is acceptable to the committee, followed by a full paper for the annual conference which is acceptable to the editor. If the applicants do not meet the deadlines and satisfy all the eligibility criteria, they will not be considered by the committee. The decision of the committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Eligibility for the Award is restricted to the following;

- full or student member of the Society; and

- under the age of 35 immediately preceding the conference and less than 2 years since completion of PhD (if PhD is held); and

- members who are the first senior author of the paper concerned, having made a substantial contribution to the planning, execution, analysis and preparation of the information; and

- to the first or second technical presentation by the member at the Society's annual conference.

- submission of the eligibility form to the executive secretary by the final date for submission of the full manuscript.

A member is eligible to enter for the Award twice, provided that the Award was not received on the first occasion. Applicants must indicate on the abstract form the intention to compete. The entrant must also complete an eligibility form by the due date for submission of the full paper.

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Return the completed confirmation of eligibility form to the Executive Secretary by the date for submission of the full paper. You MUST complete this form and return a signed copy to the Executive Secretary NZSAP by the due date to be eligible for the Young Member Award.

Recent Young Member Award Winners and their papers:

  Authors Paper Title
2019 Michela Gibson  
2018 Megan R Scholtens  
2017 Charlotte B Read  
2016 Lisa A Box  
2015 Jasper C Munro  
2014 Birch AB Jenkinson  
2013 Nicola Law  
2012 Quentin Sciascia, D. Pacheco, M. Senna Salerno, H.T. Blair and S.A. McCoard
Milk somatic cells are not suitable biomarkers of lactating ruminant mammary gland function
2011 Fiona J Fishpool, L.P. Kahn, D.J. Tucker, J.V. Nolan and R.A. Leng
Fenbendazole as a possible marker of supplement intake in sheep
2010 Ryan J Higgs, G.P. Cosgrove, J.L. Burke, G.A. Lane, D. Pacheco, K. Fraser,
A.F. Death and J.L. Ford
Effect of white clover containing either high or low concentrations of water-soluble carbohydrate on metabolic indicators of protein degradation in the rumen of dairy cows
2009 Alice RC Allsop, A.M. Nicol and G.R. Edwards
Effect of water soluble carbohydrate concentration of ryegrass on the partial preference of sheep for clover
2008 Timothy J Byrne, H.T. Blair, K.G. Thompson, K.M. Stowell and S. Piripi
Inheritance of chondrodysplasia in Texel sheep
2007 Jacquiline E McGowan, C.R. Burke and J.G. Jago
Validation of a technology for objectively measuring behaviour in dairy cows and its application for oestrous detection
2006 Matthew P G Barnett, A.R.J. Phillips, P.M. Harris AND G.J.S. Cooper
Impaired insulin secretion in perfused pancreases isolated from offspring of protein malnourished rats
2005 Andrew W Greer, R.W. McAnulty, M. Stankiewicz and A.R Sykes
Corticosteriod treatment prevents the reduction in food intake and growth in lambs infected with the abomasal parasite Teladorsagia circumcincta
2004 Claire V Cooper, K. Stelwagen, K. Singh, V.C. Farr, C.G. Prosser and S.R Davis
Expressions of the tight junction protein zonula occludens-1 during mammary engorgement
2004 Vanessa Crowley, G.K Barrell and M.J Keeley
A split night photoperiod does not mimic effects of a long-day photoperiod on growth in weaner red deer stags
2003 Nicola M Schreurs, M.H. Tavendale, G.A. Lane, T.N. Barry, D.M. Marotti and W.C. McNabb
Postprandial indole and skatole formation in the rumen when feeding white clover, perennial ryegrass and lotus corniculatus
2002 Jane K Kay, T.R. Mackle, M.J. Auldist, N.A. Thomson and D.E. Bauman
Endogenous synthesis and enhancement of conjugated linoleic acid in pasture-fed dairy cows
2001 Sarah L Johnston, Roy, N.C., Davis, S.R., Tweedie, J.W., Kitson, K.E. and Lee, J.
y-glutamyl transpeptidase and amino acid transport for milk protein production in vivo
2000 Ian S Tarbotton, M.S. Paine and A. Heath
Technology and information attributes for farm decisions - management of endoparasites in New Zealand
1999 David Pacheco-Rios, B.P. Treloar, J. Lee, T.N. Barry and W.C. McNabb
Amino acid utilisation by the mammary gland: Whole blood versus plasma free amino acid pools
1998 Justine M McGrath, J.W. Penno, K.A. MacDonald, W.A. Carter
Using nitrogen fertiliser to increase dairy farm profitability
1997 Fiona M Miller, H.T. Blair, G.W. Reynolds and D.K. Revell
The role of cysteine in the increased parasite susceptibility of Romney sheep selected for hogget fleece-weight.
1997 Jenny G Jago, J.J. Bass and L.R. Matthews

Evaluation of a vaccine to control bull behaviour

1996 Janine L Dick and R.M.W. Sumner
Development of fibre and follicle characteristics related to wool bulk in Perendale sheep over the first year of life
1995 Christopher R Burke  
1994 Russell E Hovey  
1993 Catherine J Morrow  
1993 Robert J Knutson  
1992 Scott McDougall  
1991 Robyn A Dynes  
1991 Henry N Jabbour  
1990 Sue M Francis  
1989 J Orleans-Pobee  
1988 Jeremy G E Thompson  
1986 Michael D Bown  
1986 L Anne McClelland  
1985 George J Cruickshank