Plasma carotenoid (PC) concentrations were measured at 2-5 month intervals in 20 Hereford x Jersey (HJ) and 20 Hereford x Friesian (HF) once bred heifers from 10-35 months-of-age. Half of the heifers were slaughtered at 31 months-of-age and the rest at 35 months-of-age. The colour of the subcutaneous and intermuscular fat was measured using a chromameter and c* values were calculated. Subcutaneous and intermuscular fats in HJ heifers were yellower (i.e. they had higher c* values) than in HF heifers. Regression equations that included breed, date of slaughter and PC concentrations at 10-12 months-of-age, accounted for 56% of the variation in c* values for subcutaneous fat and 40% of the variation in c* values for intermuscular fat (P<0.001).

AF, Death, TW Knight, RW Purchas, ST Morris, and DL Burnham

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 56, , 398-399, 1996
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