Fat samples were collected from 20 Angus grass fed steers 24 hours after slaughter. Fat colour was measured with a Chromameter (b* values) and the carotenoid concentration and fatty acid (FA) composition of the fat were analysed. Carotenoid concentration in the fat was low (1.54 ± 0.11 mg/g fat) compared to that found in vegetables. As b* values, and therefore the yellowness of the fat increased the proportion of saturated FA decreased (r = -0.58; P<0.001) and mono-unsaturated FA increased (r = 0.68; P<0.0001). The relationship was not as strong for carotenoid concentration even though the correlation between carotenoid concentration and b* values was high (r - 0.86; P<0.001). The conclusions were that the potential health advantages of beef with yellow fat compared to beef with white fat were small, especially as the relationships appeared to only apply within a herd.

TW, Knight, and AF Death

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 57, , 134-136, 1997
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