Records for wool follicle density and wool fibre diameter were obtained from ewes (n = 787) of 13 breeds and lambs (n = 543) of eight breeds and four crossbred combinations. The data were gathered as part of nine separate experiments from seven years. Mean fibre diameter ranged between 14 and 58 µm, while follicle density covered the range 6.5 to 95 follicles/mm2. There was a significant curvilinear relationship (P < 0.001) between individual animal means for fibre diameter and follicle density. The relationship was significantly different between ewes and lambs (P< 0.001). Furthermore, the relationship between breed means for density and diameter were compared with equivalent data from literature sources. The relationship was effectively the same for all sources of data (P = 0.455). A restricted range of data could have led some literature sources to suggest a linear relationship!

DR, Scobie, and SR Young

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 60, Hamilton, 162-165, 2000
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