The method for the national genetic evaluation of somatic cell score (SCS) in New Zealand is described. Evaluation was done using a multiple-trait random regression test day animal model. Trait one was the first-lactation SCS record and trait two was the records from the second and third lactations. Third-order Legendre polynomials of days in milk were fitted to the genetic and cow effects. The evaluation was done across breed. In the first national evaluation, the pedigree contained 15.9 million animals. There were 22.7 million first lactation test day records and 35.4 million second/third lactation test day records. Solutions were obtained using a preconditioned conjugate gradient solver and iteration on data. The resulting breeding values (BVs) indicate a small annual increase (0.01 to 0.03 genetic standard deviation units) in SCS. The range in sire BVs indicate the potential to select for decreased SCS. KEYWORDS: somatic cell score; genetic evaluation; test day model; dairy cows.

BL, Harris, AM Winkelman, and WA Montgomerie

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 65, Christchurch, 59-62, 2005
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